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1 - What is Knowledge Mobilization (KMb)?

Knowledge mobilization relates to the products, processes and relationships by which knowledge is shared among individuals and groups and applied to inform action. Knowledge mobilization facilitates the implementation of research evidence and other forms of knowledge, leading to intellectual, social, and economic benefits.

2 - What courses do I need to obtain my Certificate?

You will need to successfully complete the following three courses to earn your certificate. These courses include:

Courses in the program have been designed as independent courses and do not have to be completed in sequence.

3 - Where do I take the courses?

The courses are offered through Open Learning and Educational Support, University of Guelph. All courses will be offered online and can be completed anywhere that you have internet access.

4 - What are my technical requirements?

Please click on the computer system compatibility check to ensure that your computer has the technical requirements for the online courses. 

5 - Who should participate in the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) program?

The program has been designed for researchers, policy makers, service providers, students and KMb practitioners who are currently employed in, or aim to work in the social sciences, human services and health sectors.

6 - How long are the courses?

All online courses are eight weeks in duration consisting of 40 contact hours each.

7 - How long does it take to finish the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization (KMb)?

The Certificate program can be completed within approximately one year.

8 - Can I take a course even if I am not seeking the certification?

Yes, courses can be taken independently or as part of the certificate program.

9 - Where do I get the required textbooks for the course?

You can purchase the required textbooks from either the University of Guelph bookstore or the Campus Co-op bookstore.